Benefits of Working with a Counseling Intern

Now that you are ready to work on yourself with a therapist, you may find yourself waiting months to meet with a licensed mental health professional. However, let’s say you can wait a week to meet with an intern but question the benefit of working with one. Though interns are not licensed professionals and have less experience, they offer many advantages worth considering when selecting your therapist.

Lower Caseload

Intern students have a lower caseload than licensed therapists. This allows these clinicians-in-training to allocate more attention and time to planning sessions for their clientele, from conducting research to selecting appropriate activities. 

Wealth of Resources

Interns receive at least three hours of supervision from experienced, licensed site and university supervisors each week to work through their cases (while maintaining client confidentiality) and get the guidance they need to be effective clinicians. Additionally, interns can consult other skilled therapists at their internship site. While interns may not readily have the answers for their clients, they have the eagerness to speak to appropriate professionals and seek the necessary information. Interns want to learn and grow along with you.

No Assumptions

Given interns are new to the profession and lack prior cases, interns carry no assumptions based on past clients about present clients. As a result, the way that interns think and understand their clients will be fresh and catered to you. Similarly, interns have a willingness to explore new activities and approaches until they find the best solution for your needs.


We acknowledge that interns are not suitable for everyone. Some issues may be too advanced or intricate for an intern. However, if you are in a position to work with one, we recommend keeping an open mind and considering one as your therapist. 

Our enthusiastic interns are ready to get to know you, apply their skills, and provide the support that you need. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at any of our locations in Apex, Cary, or Fuquay Varina.

Janice Cuaresma

Mental Health Student Intern