Celebrating Black History Month

The month of February is known to celebrate various events with one of them being the recognition of Black history. The month of February reminds us of the significance of Black history in America. I have included five ways to celebrate and recognize Black history in America, not only in the month of February but all year round.

1- Research Black history in Your Local Area: Research can be a great way to expand your knowledge, especially when it comes to past historical events. Researching Black history in your local area can help provide information on historical events that happened over the course of time. Through this knowledge you can gain a better understanding of history and share your newfound knowledge with others. 

2- Support a Black Creative (artist, poet, local musician, etc.): By supporting a Black artist you are honoring their culture, history and so much more! This support can help bring awareness to the artist and assist them in promoting their accomplished works of art. The art can consist of, but is not limited to, music, paintings, poetry, etc. By supporting a Black artist you are able to share their work with the world. 

3- Visit a Black History or Civil Rights Museum in Your Local Area: Visiting a Black History or Civil Rights Museums is another way to learn more about history and recent historical events. These museums should be a helpful resource in order to learn more about Black history in America. Additionally, the museums should have employees that are knowledgeable about any questions you may have while visiting. 

4- Support a Black Owned Business: By supporting a Black owned business this helps share and support Black culture in America. Additionally, the support helps empower communities, and builds communities as well. 

5- Learn about a Hero of Black History: Learning about a Hero of Black history brings life back into a historical person. Remembering and educating yourself on a Hero of Black history is keeping that person’s memory alive. There are many Hero’s of Black history and all heroic persons should be remembered for their importance to this world and how they contributed to it. Many Heroes of Black history are still paving the way today for a better tomorrow and future for mankind.  

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