Life and Business Coaching can be very helpful for those with a single issue or as an add-on to therapy.

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Life coaching consists of
  • Core Energy Coaching 1:1
  • Education
  • Assessments
  • Accountability Partner

Business Coaching Consists of

  • Core Energy Business Coaching 1:1
  • Education
  • Assessments
  • Accountability Partner
  • Mentorship

Many healthy people seek the services of both therapists and certified life coaches.

  • Coaches work with clients that are functional but want to be optimal.
  • Coaches team up with clients and hold them accountable.
  • With the guidance of a coach, results driven professionals will get measurable results such as key performance indicators and specific behavioral outcomes and goals.
  • As a core energy coach, we guide clients to tap into their inner purpose and passion, and connect with their outer goals and tasks to bring sustainable results.
  • Bring awareness of client’s blind spots, so that they can breakthrough and accomplish their goals.
  • Educate clients on self leadership, goal setting, 7 levels of energy, time management, emotional intelligence, dynamic communication, etc…
  • Coaches approach is short term… Minimum 3 months and maximum a year.  When it comes to coaching, a client typically signs on for a certain timeframe—say, six months or a year—during which the coach will support him in reaching a specific goal or making a specific change.
  • The Core Energy Coach guides the coaching process and ask specific questions to clients to find their own answers and the solutions to their problems.
  • Core Energy Coaching Research Paper- Research Article

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Difference between Coach, Mentor, Consultant

  • Mentor role is basically a role model for the client… It is the been there done  that approach. I can tell them what I’ve done in my business and what has worked and what has not worked…
  • Consultant Role- Consultants come with an agenda, analyze the business, give them personalized strategies, deliver and they are out.  Consultants are not part of the process of growth.. Does it make sense?
  • I am a Business Coach and Mentor…  I offer to:
  • Educate clients on self leadership, goal setting, 7 levels of energy, time management, emotional intelligence, dynamic communication, Creating business plans, etc…
  • Clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Working to improve communication skills
  • Achieving a work/life balance
  • Serve as accountability partner

When to see a Coach and/or Mentor?

Coaching is for you if are looking for help with an immediate problem such as:

1.     Dealing with a relationship issue with self or others (Inner Fears, Inner Limiting Beliefs, Breakup, Divorce, Co-parenting, relationship conflict)

2.     Looking for direct feedback and advice about issue (give an example)- As certified coaches, we don’t give advice… We believe that the client has all the answers within them, we guide them to get to the answers to their questions.

3.     Starting a business or some looking to advance in a career- Business Coaching or Mentorship

4.    Training, Self-Leadership Assessments…  (Energy Leadership Index for Individuals and Businesses-, 360

When to see a Therapist?

Coaching is not a fit if you are looking for help with a chronic mental health condition, are in crisis due to a mental health disorder, if you are currently suicidal, or in a domestic violence situation

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