A New Year’s Resolution

Limit Time on Social Media:

At times we all can find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through social media and not know why or how long we have been on our apps! During times of uncertainty it can be easy to escape into our social media but what if it is actually doing us more harm than good? Here are 5 ways to detach from social media and rekindle the relationship with yourself!

1-Self Awareness: The first thing to realize when detaching from social media is self awareness. Being aware of the mindless hours spent scrolling is a great way to start pulling yourself away from the phone. Once you start to become more self aware of the time spent on social media then you can put limits on when to stop scrolling. 

2-Log out of Apps: This is a great way to start limiting your time on social media by logging out of apps to avoid mindlessly clicking on the app. Also, by logging off the app it stops notifications from that app popping up on your phone. 

3-Set a Timer on Apps: If logging out of your apps seems too big of a step then set a timer on them instead. By setting a timer it can help limit the amount of time spent on your apps, by kicking you off the app when the time limit is exceeded. This can be a way to get you off the app and off your phone to engage yourself in something new. For example, a hobby you enjoy or getting out into nature.

4-Phone out of Sight: If being on your phone in general is too tempting at first you may want to try setting your phone in another room. This can limit the amount of time you spend on your phone all together. Placing your phone in another room can help you to avoid all the distractions of notifications and checking the phone. When you place the phone in another room you are able to engage in other activities that you enjoy or complete tasks on your to-do list.

5-Find Engaging Activity: Limiting your time on your phone can be a great way to reconnect with yourself and re-discover activities you enjoy. Some activities could include but are not limited to, walking in nature, calling a friend, painting, watching a movie, playing video games, writing poetry and much more! The fun part is you get to decide and have fun with any activity you decide to do while you spend time off your phone and scrolling through apps. 

Madison Reynolds

Mental Health Student Intern

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