Hollis Vilagos,
Mental Health Student Intern

Children | Teens | Adults | Anxiety | Depression | ADHD | Trauma | PTSD

P: 919-636-0762

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My name is Hollis Vilagos, and I am a graduate student enrolled in West Virginia University’s Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling dual master’s degree program.  As a helping professional, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of individuals to help them overcome obstacles that are not only unique to them, but also their life experiences. I have worked with children, young adults, adults, veterans, and individuals with physical and mental disabilities on a variety of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, ADHD, crisis/trauma, PTSD, social issues, academic and vocational concerns, and mental health/well-being.  When I work with new clients, I like to give them the analogy that counseling is like driving a car with the client being the driver, and the counselor being the one there beside them, helping them reach their destination. Outside of school and work, I enjoy spending time with my dog and my boyfriend, going to the beach, and working out at my local Crossfit gym.