Lillian Kui,
Mental Health Student Intern

Teens | Young adults | Adults | Family Relationships | Depression | Anxiety | Trauma

P: 919-636-0762
E: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Lillian and I am currently a graduate student at Northwestern University studying mental health counseling. I am passionate about supporting others’ healing, growth, and development by creating a safe environment conducive for self-reflecting. I believe that it is through self-awareness and self-love in conjunction with the guidance of a counselor providing unconditional positive regard and acceptance that one can reach the hidden parts of oneself, thus allowing for healing, change, and growth. I am deeply interested in working with adolescents and families to promote understanding, empowerment, improve communication and strengthen relationships. Prior to this, my experience includes working as a case manager advocating for senior citizen’s independence through assisted living home-care and self-care.

Helping and supporting the healing of others is an honor and a privilege. I believe this work is sacred because we are taking this journey of discovery and healing together through mutual trust. The therapeutic process can be beautiful and enlightening – I look forward to taking this sacred journey with you.