We hear a lot about using our strengths, but the annoying truth is that we humans are usually better at focusing on our weaknesses (or, more often than not, what we think our weaknesses are) than we are at focusing on our strengths. So let’s break down this whole strengths thing into something that’s actually usable!

First of all, we need to identify some strengths that we know we have, beyond any doubt!

Here’s a link to one list, but it’s not hard to find all kinds of these lists:

No matter how hard we are on ourselves, we usually have at least a couple that jump off the page. If you are still having a hard time identifying one or two, ask someone who knows you well. That person will easily be able to identify some of your strengths.

Now that it’s been identified, so what? How does that help me?

Well, now I can be mindful about it. This means I can use it to my advantage and make it stronger. It’s no different than a runner building her leg muscles in the gym; she identifies the muscles most important to her running, builds them up, and takes advantage of that strength out on the trail.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to tell you how to take your personality strengths to the gym, but I do have links below to two worksheets that will do exactly that, and are fun to boot. Give it a try and see if you can use this to make a difference in your work, your relationships, and your own confidence. And then buy my book for $29… (just kidding, I don’t have a book. I just want all of us to feel a little better and a little stronger!).

Bonus tip: you may have noticed these links are all from This website has a lot of easy-to-use, fun worksheets on other topics, so feel free to check out other stuff on there.

CarrieAnn Lefsaker

Mental Health Student Intern

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