We want it to be easy for you to contact us.

You can reach us by phone and leave us a message. We will return your call Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM within 2 to 4 hours. Weekend calls will be returned on  Monday. You can also email us at hello@simplythrivetherapy.com at any time.

New Clients:

All new clients can call the main number and leave a message with our admin staff to receive a prompt return call within 2-4 hours at 919-636-0762.

Existing Clients:

If you already have a therapist, you may access your therapist directly for scheduling and therapy related questions. If you are having billing or other issues you may contact our Director of Operations, Sharon Gerald, our Client Care Coordinator, Shaylee Cohee, or our Practice Owner, Tina Kinnan.

Each therapists’ extension number is the corresponding numbers to the first four letters of their last names.

Tina Kinnan, Practice Owner: 919.636.0762 ext. 5466 tina@simplythrivetherapy.com

Sharon Gerald, Director of Operations: 919.636.0762, press 6 admin@simplythrivetherapy.com

Shaylee Cohee, Client Care Coordinator: 919.636.0762, press 1 hello@simplythrivetherapy.com

Geri Marin, Office Manager Assistant: 919.636.0762, press 1 office@simplythrivetherapy.com

Amanda Bell: 919.636.0762 ext. 2355 amanda@simplythrivetherapy.com

Livia Corry: 919.636.0762 ext. 2677 livia@simplythrivetherapy.com

Ashley Craft: 919.636.0762 ext. 2723 ashleycraft@simplythrivetherapy.com

Josh Deena: 919.636.0762 ext. 3336 josh@simplythrivetherapy.com

Caitlyn Dowdy: 919.636.0762 ext. 3693 caitlyn@simplythrivetherapy.com

Courtney Evans: 919.636.0762 ext. 3826 courtney@simplythrivetherapy.com

Theresa Flores: 919.636.0762 ext. 3567 theresa@simplythrivetherapy.com

Charly Fulp: 919.636.0762 ext. 3857 charly@simplythrivetherapy.com

Tovon Hamilton: 919.636.0762 ext. 4864 tovon@simplythrivetherapy.com

Beth McErlean: 919.636.0762 ext. 6891 beth@simplythrivetherapy.com

Kajal Patel: 919.636.0762 ext. 7283 kajal@simplythrivetherapy.com

Donna Robinson: 919.636.0762 ext. 7684 donna@simplythrivetherapy.com

Ariel Rogers: 919.636.0762 ext. 7643 ariel@simplythrivetherapy.com

Julie Russell: 919.636.0762 ext. 7877 julie@simplythrivetherapy.com

Milota Salay: 919.636.0762 ext. 7252 milota@simplythrivetherapy.com

Cameron Stenger: 919.636.0762 ext. 7836 cameron@simplythrivetherapy.com

Tracey Stracener: 919.636.0762 ext. 7872 tracey@simplythrivetherapy.com

Christina Toliver: 919.636.0762 ext. 8654 christina@simplythrivetherapy.com

Hillary Whitlock: 919.636.0762 ext. 9448 hillary@simplythrivetherapy.com